The Military Situation in Afghanistan

Well, if you like irony, you'll love this.  Last night, I was the featured speaker at a fund raiser for the Red Cross chapter in Kansas City.  And the event was a big success.  Now many people thought the KC Red Cross would cancel me because of my reporting on the problems that organization is having, allowing donated money to the 9/11 families.

But there's a big difference between local Red Cross chapters and the national office in Washington.  Washington's having a problem.  Not one person confronted me in Kansas City.

I think everybody knows what's going on here.  And the National Red Cross is even  offering Americans their money back.  We'll have that story tomorrow.

Finally, I was very happy to be able to help the local Red Cross in K.C.  They do good work.

The "talking points" memo this evening is about the military situation in Afghanistan. Well, the rough, tough Taliban group is now on the run.  These guys were big shots when they were pushing women around.  But in the face military power, they have folded like paper napkins. Americans should be very proud of our military, which has destroyed this government methodically and efficiently, without taking many casualties.

The Taliban's only hope now is that the Pakistanis will protect them.  And that is bin  Laden's only hope as well.  We'll have a report on whether Pakistan will become America's   enemy in just a few moments.

But for now, America has a big win under its belt.  And the message is loud and clear, if any government in the world  supports terrorism, that government is in jeopardy.  Our military machine is mighty and well able to destroy anyone on this planet.  And that is   testimony to the Pentagon planners, the professionals in the field, and the will of the American people.  Count your days, bin Laden.  The end is near.  And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." 

If you want a good laugh, punch up and read the viewer reviews of The No Spin Zone book.  Eighty percent of them are favorable, but the ones that aren't really aren't.  But those people didn't read the book, they just reviewed me.  And boy, they don't like me at all.  One guy had Hitler in the same sentence as your humble correspondent.

Here's my take on this.  The fact that The No Spin Zone and The O'Reilly Factor book before it both reached number one on the best-seller list, it is sending my detractors into spasms.  They can't figure it out, and they are gnashing their teeth.  Well, good.  Take a look at Amazon, some of the reviews are truly ridiculous.

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