With Friends Like These ...

Tony Snow reported on Fox News Sunday, yesterday, the Chinese government is cranking out DVDs and videos of the 9-11 attack pictures with the following kind of audio commentary.

It reads like this: "This is the America the whole world has wanted to see. Blood debts have been repaid in blood." Oh, gee. And I thought we had kissed and made up after that deal with our surveillance plane. But no. It gets worse.

"Look at the panic in their faces as they wipe the dust off and crawl out of their strong buildings now just a heap of rubble. We will never fear these people again. They have been shown to be soft-bellied paper tigers." This is coming from official Chinese media, not some goof ball entrepreneur. And here's how the Chinese government justifies it: "There's the need for more information on world terrorism in the market, and we've got to meet it."

Once again, these are our friends. They sell this stuff in their country. They buy stuff from us they cannot possibly make on their own like 757s and satellite technology, so it raises the question again: Why are we friends with countries like these? And why do people like me get a thousand e-mails attacking me and others for getting in the way of economic relations with the Chinese?

President Jiang Zemin is reportedly fascinating with these videos, watching the WTC coming down over and over like it was a guilty pleasure porn movie, watching Americans die, watching Americans symbol collapse, watching Americans search in the rubble, and over and over. The president of China reportedly ordering his minions, "Play it again. Play it again."

It is a strange, strange image and one we would have hoped has been garbled in the reporting and isn't quite right. But what if this is true? What if this is dead-on true? What are we supposed to deduce from these reports?

They want us to die. Do we need a billboard in Times Square and on the Sunset Strip? They want us to die. They want to see it on TV. They want to have videos of it. They want to spend the rest of their miserable lives watching the video over and over and over.

Evidently, judging by the reports we're getting from around the world, when it comes to the man on the street and occasionally the potentate on his silk cushion, the Chinese want us to die, the Saudis want us to die, the Egyptians want us to die. They are united in their hatred of the U.S.

Let's go over this again. What did we do that was so bad? We saved a bunch of Muslims from Christians in Kosovo. We buy billions of dollars worth of stuff from the Chinese and the Saudis. We just give billions to the Egyptians. And they all want to send their kids to American universities.

Are we nuts or what? That's My Word.

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