Weekend Movie Buzz

Gwyneth hits it big and Gene Hackman is stealing the show in your weekend movies projected through something we call "The Foxlight."

How fat is she? She's so fat, well look at her. Gwyneth Paltrow packs on the pounds literally. And that's just fine with the always under-appreciated Jack Black as Shallow Hal. He gets a private session from Anthony Robbins and suddenly every woman looks good to him no matter how she looks to the rest of us. That means big laughs with a heart even from the Farrelly brothers who brought us There's Something About Mary.

And speaking of gross, how about the rug on Jason Alexander? Cancel that along with Bob Patterson.

The other new film this weekend has Gene Hackman playing the proverbial "just about to retire after one more caper" thief. This is Heist, and it's got more double-crosses than a two for one crucifix sale at Wal-Mart. It's all from David "Is That The Thing? You're Showing Me The Thing? You Call That The Thing? Mamet."

The thing is, some critics think this all gets pretty tiring, even with Danny DeVito as a hilarious bad guy.

All of which means Monsters Inc. can probably "eye" No. 1 again this weekend — unless people are too busy watching Shrek. It broke every record ever set for DVD and tape sales this week, even more than Phantom Menace. May the ogre be with you?