Today's Celebrity Buzz

Tom Hanks, Dennis Rodman and a new tick all in the buggy glow of The Foxlight.

I guess he is convincing. Americans would rather see Tom Hanks on a battlefield than any other actor. He's been voted America's favorite movie soldier. That's the result of a telephone survey by Blockbuster Video. John Wayne was number two. And guess who was a distant third? Rambo. Sorry, Sly. Yo, he's getting old.

What will be the special at Dennis Rodman's new restaurant? It won't come from the kitchen. If you wanna look like the famous crossdresser and really, who doesn't his new joint will offer tattoos and body piercings. Delightful. All of this trying to get approval in Irvine, California.

Finally, Patrick Warburton has to make sure he doesn't drink a lot while he's shooting episodes of The Tick. He wears a tight latex costume for the role. Warburton says "it's quite the process" if he has to pull it off to "go tinkle." But, he says this latex get-up "looks good." And, better than that, he says he gets "to be The Tick." The Tick is a sometimes dense, but well-meaning, comic book character who sees himself as a do-good, super-hero.