Decency Comes First

What do Batman and America have in common?

They're both decent. Very decent. So decent, that it makes their jobs very difficult.

The Caped Crusader is so decent, so good-hearted, that he would sooner put himself in harm's way than innocent people.

Flash now to the Taliban.

If reports are right, its soldiers are now sprinkled out among women and children in small towns, even mosques.

Why? Because they know we won't strike those small towns or mosques.

Because they know we value civilians' lives too much.

Because they know we are decent. And they are not.

War, as John McCain put it, is hell. But we are not hellish.

We — and more to the point our brave soldiers — are more like Batman than evilman.

Batman always found a way to win playing by his rules.

I only hope and trust, in the end, so can we.

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