Where's the Good News?

Tell me if this has ever happened to you.

You're at a party, talking to a lot of people. One guy comes up to you, depressing as hell, saying he's convinced since these terrorist attacks that Armageddon's around the corner and that the markets are finished.

Then you start chatting with another guy who is joking, laughing and kidding with you. He says he's scared with what's going on, but he's OK.

Who do "you" want to be with?

I was recently at an event where I had that choice. What do you think I did? I stuck with the upbeat guy and here's why. I'm a Pollyanna — guilty as charged. Some of you think too much so. But I don't care.

Here's why. True, life gives us plenty to complain about. But it also gives us plenty to feel good about. I'd much rather focus on the latter, than the former.

No offense to my colleagues in the media, that view is not shared. They say that makes me out to lunch. Now look at me — do I look like I'd be out when I should be at lunch? Even I'm smarter than that.

Smart enough to know that Halloween-related sales are up 30 percent from last year. But you're not hearing that.

Smart enough to know that auto sales are still strong, even if they're selling darn close to cost. But you're not hearing that.

And smart enough to know that Windows XP-related sales have lifted traffic in computer stores. But you're not hearing that either.

You're not hearing the good news because so many of my colleagues want to give you bad news. I'm not asking the world to get giddy. I am asking those of us to cover it to get real.

Life is tough.

Who are we to make it tougher still?

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