Jacko, Star Wars and Sigourney Weaver

Jacko, Star Wars and Sigourney Weaver in the alien pod glare of The Foxlight.

Despite poor buzz on his upcoming album, Michael Jackson says he is Invincible, that his talents are god given because he's very close to the almighty, that he gets his greatest inspiration from cartoons and mentally he is always in Never, Neverland. Then he giggled. I think we all did. All of this was during a recent online interview to promote the new album.

Want a first glimpse of Star Wars: Episode Two  Attacks of the Clones? A trailer for the Star Wars movie will run before the new animation film Monsters, Inc. this weekend.

By the way, Episode One has made history. Billboard online says the movie has become the fastest-selling DVD video of all time. Star Wars sold 2.2 million copies and raked in more than $45 million in its debut week. The DVD came out Oct. 16. It also set a first-day sales record by generating $17 million.

Despite the last one, Sigourney Weaver says she thinks there will be another Alien movie. And get this, the original director, Ridley Scott, may come on board. They both want to return to the original planet from the first one. But their original paychecks? That would scare them even more than the special effects.