Today's Celebrity Buzz

Bill Gates, Meadow Soprano, Kid Rock and 'N Sync in the always out of synch glare of The Foxlight.

Bill Gates is taking acting lessons. He's cramming for that upcoming cameo on the 200th episode of Frasier. It's his favorite show. Do they have a hairdresser on that show? How about giving that Gates 'do a few new lessons?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who plays Tony Soprano's daughter Meadow's singing about the Bada Bing club. One of the tracks on her new CD is called "Bada Bing." It's described as upbeat pop. Does her father know she's been in the club? Sigler's CD is called Here to Heaven.

Most people just see the "flashy" stuff with Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. He tells Spin magazine "no one will ever see us hanging out with the kids and barbecuing all day." Sounds too normal. Kid Rock doesn't expect people to understand their relationship. Mission accomplished.

Finally, where were all the 'N Sync fans this weekend? Certainly not 'On the Line' for tickets. The film starring 'N Sync's Lance Bass and Joey Fatone had a downbeat opening this weekend. It brought in $2.3 million, good for 11th place. But they can say, "bye, bye, bye" to their film careers.