Split on Anthrax Blame, Readers Support Fighting Sioux

Foxnews.com readers were evenly divided this week in their agreement and disagreement with Steve Milloy's Junk Science column that claimed health officials could not be blamed for the anthrax deaths.

But there was little dissent in this week's mail that  St. Cloud University was unfair when it declared that its "Fighting Sioux" logo was an insult to Native Americans — an item detailed in Scott Norvell's Tongue-Tied column.

Though ardent FOX fans, many readers came to the defense of CBS newsman Dan Rather, whose competency was called into question this week by Eric Burns in his Fox News Watch column. And as usual, readers continued to share their views on the conflict being waged in Afghanistan.

Here's a sample of this week's mail:

— Someone please tell this woman to go after The University of Notre Dame as well. Irish Americans like myself should be offended by the "Fighting Irish."  I guess that is hate speech also. When will people in America wake and worry about what is really important?

—What is insulting to free thinking Americans is all this political correctness! I am Italian-American and am not insulted by the "Sopranos" If I were a member of the Sioux Nation I would consider "Fighting Sioux" to be quite honorable. Ms. Sudie Hofmann should take a deep breath and then get a life.

—Being from North Dakota, we are all getting really sick of people who don't like the Fighting Sioux logo and nickname. It's done in respect to the tribe that still exsists in the state today. Numerous rallies have been organized to get rid of it with usually about only 10 people attending, most not even Native Americans.

—The PC Czar at St. Cloud in Minnesota must be culturally deprived. If I read history correctly, the Sioux did fight well. The North Dakota 'Fighting Sioux' logo is one of respect...when St. Cloud says don't bring your logo to North Dakota's hockey team, they're saying, in effect, that they don't hold the same regard for the Sioux as warriors.

—I'm a native American. I'm more offended by the fact that caucasions keep speaking out on what I'm supposed to be offended by than by all the team mascots and the tomahawk chop. Sports are supposed to be fun. Teams are named to show strength and power. Calling someone a brave showed respect. Being offended by the Fighting Sioux? Please! My dad wore a Cleveland Indians hat for years because he thought it was fun. Tell everyone to lighten up.

—I have been calling my senator's office ever since this anthrax thing started and have been urging them to be on the lookout for just these sorts of additional infections. I believe the risk is even greater than just the postal workers. All sorts of mail went through those machines with and after the contaminated mail…I disagree with you that these infections of the postal workers could not have been foreseen. If I, average citizen, can see it as a potential, then surely those who are trained and highly paid could do a whole lot better.

—These so called experts are paid a king's ransom to think of all the possibilities. Repeat: ALL. That's their job... If a major bio-attack was even considered, why are the antidote supplies inadequate? Could it be that someone has not done their job well?

—This is not a time to place blame, but a time to work together as a cohesive unit. Having lived and worked in the greater Washington area for many years, I'm proud of the way our health community is pulling together. These are dedicated, hard-working people who are doing a wonderful job.

—The only thing that is for certain in this world (except death and taxes, of course) is that human beings cannot think of everything. We're just not created that way.

—As late as it is in the current anthrax situation, I believe the U.S. government would be wise to begin vaccinating postal workers against the disease. If it works for the military, why not inoculate the post office workers? I know the supply of vaccine is limited, but so is the number of postal workers who are the most exposed. The health officials have been proven wrong in virtually every assumption they have made and it would be wise to put anthrax and smallpox in a category of being useless weapons against a vaccinated public in the likely event of even more catastrophic wrong assumptions.

—I think the government has handled this whole anthrax situation poorly. First blaming the original victim, then telling us it was an isolated incident, then saying it was weapons grade, then that it wasn't and then that it was… I'm not losing any sleep over the whole anthrax thing but it has been handled so badly it gives one pause… I'm hopeful that because it was a novel situation, the proper authorities will get their act together next time.

— There are so many protests in countries all over the world, why does Pakistan make headline news? I do not think this is fair. It is giving the American people a different image of my country. We are an ally and I for one, support my president and President Bush. Your reporters need to go out there and find people who are in favor of this war and not go to slums, where uneducated people live and do not know any better. Try showing the better side of Pakistan for a change.