Parting Thoughts Winning the War

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  Our September 11 unity is beginning to fray, and we're reverting to some old habits, especially impatience.  

Here we are, three weeks into hostilities in Afghanistan, with the swiftest deployment of force in U.S. history, and some people are complaining that it's taking too long.  

Maybe the military is dragging its feet.  Maybe the administration has lost its way.  I don't know.  

But I do think that we ought to bear in mind several things: First, Americans almost always underestimate the cost and duration of wars.  This isn't going to be a two-month job.  

Second, we need to stick by our guns literally and philosophically.  The world wants to see whether we'll crack.  

Third, we'll have to be loyal to our friends and ruthless with our enemies.  In that region of the world, you don't make friends in order to win a war.  If you win, everybody's your friend.  

And fourth, our aim is not to kill a cartoon character foe.  It's to wipe out an ideology that considers slaughter saintly, particularly if the victims are Americans.  Remember?