Going Hawk on the War

Ever since I advocated nukes, you may noticed I've gone decidedly hawk on this war.

It's not that I'm just getting to be an old reactionary, which is probably also true, but it seems to be the right thing to do right now, considering the ways we have been attacked and the attacks we are still open to.

Senator John McCain, urging a full-scale prosecution of the war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda because half measures never worked. In fact, it appears we recently learned this lesson in Desert Storm. Half measures allowed Saddam to stay in power, and we have reaped a spore-laden wind for that mistake. We cannot let this become a festering warlike Vietnam. We cannot let it linger and languish and let the Taliban and Al Qaeda conduct terror against us at home as they frustrate our uniformed forces in Afghanistan.

We should, as Senator McCain said, unleash the big stuff, the B-52s for the carpet bombing, the incineration tools on those deeply burrowed tunnels. We must do these things because we said we're going to do them, and because of what was done to us and the threats made against us still.

Vietnam veterans fought dutifully and valiantly, but that war was launched on the offense called the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which has been hotly contested ever since and never provided the solid footing for our government's effort in Vietnam.

This is different. We saw the offense. We saw the outrage. We took the first casualties and they came in the thousands. If you can't be a hawk about this one, you can't be a hawk about anything. Peaceniks from the '60s are screaming, "Bomb 'em." As Susan Etheridge said on this network, there is no dove position on this.

So set aside the anthrax for a moment. It may or may not be bin Laden's goof balls dreaming of 20 virgins in heaven, but we know September 11, we know what it was, we know who did it. Bin Laden as much as took credit for it. We go get him with all we've got. And maybe we then turn to Mr. Saddam to see if he's ready, too.

No more half measures, no more leaving bad guys on their thrones hiding their ugly weapons to use on us when we're not looking.

The Arab nations hesitate to be with us fully because they don't know if we will fully do the job. It's time to show we will, not for vengeance, but to end the threat of outrage upon outrage.

That is My Word for today.

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