Footnotes of an America United

There were these footnotes to America's war on terror.  

A Minnesota man thought to be a pauper has left an estate worth about $1 million to the New York City relief fund.  Before Joe Temeczko died earlier this month, he updated his will to leave his money "to the city of New York, to honor those who perished in the disaster of September 11th."  

Temeczko was a Polish immigrant who spent time in a Nazi prison in World War II, but fell in love with New York when he passed through Ellis Island in 1950.

Well, is Republican Congressman Darrell Issa of California a victim of racial profiling?  

Congressional Quarterly reports the grandson of Lebanese immigrants was stopped at Dulles International Airport earlier this month and barred from boarding an Air France flight to Paris, the first leg of an official trip to the Persian Gulf.

Issa has complained to the airline and says he will file a complaint with the transportation department.  He thinks he was stopped because he had an Arab surname and a one-way ticket to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, The Chicago Tribune reports that anthrax fears have affected a pen pal program between school kids.  For five years, students in Merrionette Park, Illinois, have corresponded with kids at Kingwood Township school at in Frenchtown, New Jersey.  But the New Jersey school uses the same post office that processed two anthrax letters, so now the program is going high tech and kids are going to e-mail and fax each other.