Kevin Spacey, Kevin Kline, a Few of the Guys From 'N Sync

Kevin Spacey, Kevin Kline, a few of the guys from 'N Sync and a baker's dozen of ghosts in the eerie glow of The Foxlight.

A lot of actors seem like they're from another planet. But Kevin Spacey is being adamant about it. Whether or not he's really from K-PAX is for Jeff Bridges to decide. Spacey talks to the animals, likes to eat all of his banana and is very, very smart. But the mystery gets solved a little too easily. And the Oscar buzz for Kevin? One question. How do you win an Oscar behind sunglasses?

There's another Kevin this weekend who's been hearing Oscar for his new movie. In Life As a House, Kevin Kline is a dying architect out to build one last thing and rebuild a lot of relationships, with his son played by Hayden Christensen, the new Anakin Skywalker and with his ex-wife, Kristin Scott Thomas. You get the idea. Kline is great but the script? Did Lifetime pass on this thing?

Next Shannon Elizabeth is in the house. But the house wants her out. I guess it didn't see American Pie. This is 13 Ghosts and it's 13 too many according to most critics, even with state of art that's not for the faint of the heart.

Finally, Lance Bass and Joey Fatone snuck away from an 'N Sync concert long enough to make One the Line. The title could refer to their acting careers according to most reviews.