Harry Belafonte, Will Smith and Spike Lee

Harry Belafonte, Will Smith and Spike Lee in the he's gotta have it glare of The Foxlight.

Tally man — Taliban? Harry Belafonte says he isn't surprised people have been using his "The Banana Boat Song" to mock Usama bin Laden. Belafonte notes that the song is already used as a rally cry for the New York Yankees — and seems to be, as he put it, "always erupting and emerging" in different places. Belafonte says people always tell him they sing the "Day-Oh" song in the shower.

Maybe growing all those Muhammad Ali muscles has gone to Will Smith's head. He's not calling himself "The Greatest," but he isn't far from it. In a Playboy interview, Smith says doing movies and music are "just a pit stop" along the way to what he calls his "true greatness." President? Sure?

While setting his sights on a political career, Smith is no diplomat when it comes to expressing his feelings about fellow rap artists. He says he considers himself educated beyond a lot of his peers — and most fellow rappers "aren't really smart." As for Eminem, Smith says he's "creative" — but that his act is "so far over the top that it's clearly a farce." Thems fightin' words, Champ.

Finally, $101,000 to sit next to Spike Lee at a Knicks game? That was the winning bid in an auction for a Knicks ticket. No word on who paid that much. The money goes to the widows of firefighters, so that's good. But doesn't the bidder realize they won't see much of Spike? He never sits though a game. He's too busy "directing" the coaches and players.