Ah-nold, Star Wars and a Gripe About NBC

Ah-nold, Star Wars and a gripe about NBC are all in the unflattering glare of The Foxlight.

The doctor will see you now — "Doctor" Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actually, the Terminator is receiving an honorary doctorate in business administration from a university in Austria. It's for his "life achievements," and for helping to promote Austria's economy. He didn't do much for the economy when he accepted the honor by email. Schwarzenegger isn't flying much after Sept. 11 — apparently on his own doctor's orders.

Star Wars fans, rejoice. Forget Phantom Menace — the forces look good for Episode Two: Attack of the Clones. The New York Post says a spy at George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic gave a rave review of the flick's second edit. Highlights include a light-saber battle featuring more than 20 Jedi knights battling an army of droids and monsters. Plus, Natalie Portman shows off "her half-exposed body." Hayden Christensen's Anakin Skywalker gets a thumbs-up, but veteran Christopher Lee steals the show as the evil Jedi Count Dooku, a.k.a. Darth Tyranus.

Four weeks into the new TV season, and NBC already served up a Frasier rerun Tuesday night. C'mon — we need fresh angst from Dr. Crane, or I'm switching doctors. Don't make me call Arnold.