Today's Celebrity Buzz

From Hell, Mariah Carey and one more Emmy story in the bright glow of The Foxlight.

Call them boys getting away from the 'hood that's because the Hughes brothers were anxious to direct the number one movie From Hell. Albert and Allen Hughes wanted to prove they could make movies different from Menace II Society and Dead Presidents. So what if they didn't know the first thing about 19th century England. Albert Hughes says no one ever asked Steven Spielberg if he hung out with aliens before making ET.

And what are the odds of Mariah Carey and Jon Bon Jovi hanging around the same law firm in Boston? Pretty solid. Carey will guest star on an upcoming episode of Ally McBeal. She'll be involved in a lawsuit against a matchmaking company who refunded a client's money because of an "unmatchable" client. It's not clear whether Carey will play herself, but she will sing "Lead The Way" from her Glitter album. So finally some people will hear it. Bon Jovi will appear on the same episode, which is set to run January 7.

Finally, mail service to the theater the Emmys are being held in has been suspended. Authorities don't want an envelopes in the building. The question is, what will they open to announce the winners?