All-Star Concert for New York at Madison Square Garden

The all-star concert for New York at Madison Square Garden Saturday night had some Foxlight moments, and we were there for all six hours.

It was a night filled with stars on stage and off. The show began with David Bowie a little off key. Then Billy Crystal made an anthrax joke. He said he's never seen musicians run away from white powder. And Adam Sandler revived Opera Man and brought down the house.

There were lots of good short films, too. The one from Woody Allen had a few chuckles. And Jerry Seinfeld's was the best. The worst was Kevin Smith's — it's mostly unrepeatable and that's fine.

In fact, there were a lot of bleepable moments that weren't. Jagger said "Nobody f***s with New York." And predictably, Howard Stern made an ass of himself — literally — and made some cheeky comments about Rosie O'Donnell and Heather Graham running away from New York when the going got tough.

Hillary Clinton got booed. And so did Richard Gere when Mr. Buddhist suggest a peaceful solution to everything. Wrong crowd, Zen boy.

The best line of the night came from a New York City firefighter who said Usama bin Laden could, "Kiss my royal Irish a**."

And finally, Paul McCartney, the one who brought everyone together, took the stage. He said, "We love America because we love the freedom it represents."

It ended a night of celebration for people who haven't had a lot to celebrate.