Jay Leno's Expensive Ride, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and Jerry Seinfeld

Jay Leno's expensive ride, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper and Jerry Seinfeld in the rerun glare of The Foxlight.

Are you sitting down? It's better not be on Leno's Harley-Davidson. Bidding for the bike and a matching black pickup ended at a whopping $360,000, which will go to charity. Leno will announce the winner on Friday night's show.

The bike is covered with celebrity signatures from may people including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, the guys from Friends, John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, Denzel Washington, Drew Carey and lots of others.

On the music front, no more presents backstage for Aerosmith. They're refusing packages, gifts or flowers these days. And Alice Cooper used to tour with a nuked out city set for his stage. But now he says he doesn't want to look like he's cashing in on the tragedy. That was for his album Brutal Planet. Now he's promoting an album called Dragontown. Cooper says he's giving it a Chinatown theme, so his set doesn't look so much like a burned American city any more.

Finally, what was Jerry Seinfeld doing ripping off a pretzel vendor on Park Avenue Tuesday? Probably a funny short film for this weekend's Paul McCartney benefit concert. The Foxlight saw Jerry helping himself to a giant pretzel, yelling "They're free!" and then running away. We couldn't help yelling back, "Hey Seinfeld, the vendors need the money these days." And for the record, we did see the cameras rolling. "No street snacks for you!"