Madonna, Bob Dylan and Even More 'Survivors'

Madonna, Bob Dylan and even more 'Survivors' in the bright jungle glare of The Foxlight.

Apparently some of this girl's material is on a computer. Yes, Madonna's new man is Bill Gates. Microsoft starts its advertising blitz for its new operating system this week. And as was the case with Windows 95, it's counting on a big name singer to provide a musical boost. This time, it's Madonna. Her song "Ray of Light" is being used to promote "Windows X-P" along with the company's slogan, "Yes you can." The slogan had been "Prepare to fly," but that was changed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The security was so good at Bob Dylan's concert in Medford, Ore., even Bob Dylan couldn't get in. The singer showed up for the concert last Tuesday and was refused admittance backstage. The guards had strict orders from Dylan's own security director not to let anyone backstage without an official credential and Dylan didn't have one. A bit of a scene ensued. Dylan's security director came over and both he and Dylan demanded that the three guards be blowin' in the wind. They were "reassigned."

If you voted off Survivor for Friends the other night, you're not alone. Friends beat the new African version of the reality series. Now CBS says lets be friends. It's repeating the first episode Wednesday night.