Below the Fold

 Let's check out some unheralded stories we found this week below the fold.  

The September 11 atrocity now has afflicted the fine arts.  Scott Ian reports he and his musical colleagues may seek a new moniker for their metal rock group Anthrax.  Says Ian, it's as though it's 1937 and I'm a band leader named Freddy Hitler.  Maybe we should change the name now.  A friend suggested Basket of Puppies.  

Meanwhile, Americans have received long-awaited guidance from Richard Gere.  The actor says terrorists, quote, "Are creating such horrible future lives for themselves because of the negativity of the karma."  He adds, "It's all of our jobs to keep our minds as expansive as possible.  If he can see them as a relative who's dangerously sick and we have to give them medicine and the medicine is love" -- well, you get the idea.  

Several news services this week published a photo showing protesters brandishing placards bearing the likeness of Usama bin Laden.  And if you look a little closer, you see the Burt is Evil face that enjoyed brief notoriety on the Internet.  Well, now Dino Ignacio, creator of Burt is Evil has penned an apology to the Children's Television Workshop.  After disavowing violence and tackiness, he adds, "While I support Sesame Street and CTW in their efforts to remedy this act, I implore them not to pursue legal actions against myself or my hosting affiliates."  

 And finally, this from the world of the rich and famous.  Donald Trump, evidently believing his hair likes the aerodynamic lift required to break a long fall, is considering the purchase of a speciality parachute.  He wants some way to leap from the top of his suite at the Trump Tower should he come under assault.  The American Parachute Association says, not so fast.  "Amateurs who try such stunts," it says, "probably will put the perish back in parachute."