Homeland: Defending Americans

Sunday, Oct. 14, 7 p.m. ET
Monday, Oct. 15, 2 a.m. ET
Join host John Gibson for Fox News' one-hour special on bioterrorism, Homeland: Defending Americans.

A nation left jumpy and fearful of a possible next round of terror attacks was not soothed by bioterror experts who warned a Senate appropriations subcommittee of the 'potential for very grave harm in biological weapons'.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson tried to soothe fractured nerves by insisting that there is no cause for alarm.

But with the government stockpiling antibiotics, IV fluid and other equipment, is it really so irrational for Americans to be worrying about the potential for a biological attack? How likely is one, and what can you do to protect yourself?

Joining us to discuss will be Col. Randall Larsen, (ret.) Air Force; Amy Smithson, author of Ataxia: The Chemical and Biological Terrorism Threat and the U.S. Response; Ken Alibek, former deputy director of Bio Preparat — the U.S.S.R.'S civilian secret biological warfare program;  Dr. Stephen Cantrill of the Denver Health Medical Center; Buck Revell, former associate director of the FBI in charge of counterintelligence operations; and Alice Park, senior reporter for Time magazine.