Footnotes of an America United

 There were these footnotes to the story of America fighting back in the war on terrorism. 

 A Berkeley, California city councilwoman is beating a hasty retreat from remarks she made in pushing a resolution to demand the bombing in Afghanistan be stopped.  Councilwoman Donna Spring said -- quote -- "The U.S. is now a terrorist.  According to the Taliban," she added, "these are terrorist acts."  

Now Ms. Spring is saying -- quote -- "I never denounced America.  I believe what I was trying to say is that to many of the Afghan people, the U.S. bombing of them is a terrorist at."

An Ohio high school junior who was suspended for posting patriotic signs on his locker has been reinstated by a federal judge.  Sixteen-year-old Aaron Pettit (ph) had this image of a weeping eagle on his locker and another of a plane dropping bombs.  

(UNINTELLIGIBLE) reports that school officials took the signs down, called him into the assistant principal's office, where he was told the signs were inappropriate and potentially offensive to Middle Eastern students.  He was suspended for 10 days.  The Federal Judge Solomon Oliver Jr. said the boy should have been asked to remove the posters before they were torn down and before he was suspended.  

Remember the Canadian professor and women's activist who accused the U.S. of having -- quote -- "a blood-soaked foreign policy," and of being a "more dangerous force in the world than terrorists"?  Professor Sunera Thobani made the remarks at partially government-sponsored conference in Ottawa on October 1st.  

She's now been formally accused of the crime of public incitement of hatred -- accused by an as yet unidentified citizen.  Thobani says the charge is -- quote -- "pure harassment," and that all she did was point to what she calls a factual record.  In Canada, people have been convicted of such a crime, merely for things that they said.  

And the producers of "Sesame Street" are said to be mystified and worried that their character, Bert, appears in Usama bin Laden posters being displayed in anti-American demonstrations in the Muslim world.  This is a Reuters photo of a poster being sold in shops in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  The news agency says the news photo had not been doctored, although some doctoring was obviously done to create that poster with Bert in it, originally.