Footnotes of an America United

Some footnotes now to the story of America fighting back in the war on terrorism.

At least one of those supposedly deeply religious Islamic terrorists who hijacked the planes on September 11th spent some time in the days before in the company of an escort service prostitute at a Boston area hotel.

"The Boston Herald" quotes a driver for one those services as saying he drove a call girl to the Park Inn in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts the Sunday before the hijacking. That's the hotel where two of the hijackers stayed, and the driver said the girl made two trips to see the same man that day. After the attacks -- quote -- "she freaked out when she saw his picture on TV. She recognized one of the faces."

And the F.B.I. has tentatively concluded that as many as a dozen of the hijackers may not have known they were on a suicide mission. The "New York Post" quotes investigative sources as saying that the evidence suggests that only about six of the terrorists knew they were about to die. Sources also tell the paper that the hijackers did not fit the classic profile of suicide bombers, being educated, being from affluent backgrounds and in some cases, having wives and children.

And for the fourth day in a row, Vice President Cheney remains in an undisclosed, secure location, from which an aide says he's been getting regular briefings and taking part in the national security meetings with the president by secure communications. The White House says Cheney's health is fine, but the Fox News service notes that -- quote -- "the absence of a vice president who already has proved his influence has caused questions in the nation's capital."