Bioterrorism: Seven Deadly Threats

Sat., October 13 at 9 p.m. ET
Sun., October 14 at 4 a.m. & 10 p.m. ET
Mon., October 15 at 3 a.m. ET

No one could have thought of a commercial airliner as a weapon of destruction, but it became a reality Sept. 11.  What was normal on Sept. 10 is not normal now.  So, could biological weapons be used against the homeland?

This weekend, join host Jon Scott as Fox News investigates the threat of bioterrorism.  We'll answer some important questions that affect you and give you the facts on seven threats that the Center for Disease Control has identified as potentially dangerous.

A deadly outbreak of anthrax in Florida has the nation on edge… was it an act of terrorism and could it come to your town?

If you think the vaccine you got when you were a child will protect you from smallpox... think again.
Could the plague a disease that was the scourge of the Middle Ages change history again?

Is botulinum toxin, once thought of as a harmless beauty secret, could be anything but.

The ebola virus could be called a modern day plague — a deadly disease with no cure.

Plus, experts are concerned about a virus that is very similar to the virus that causes ebola, the arena virus.

And, we'll tell you of a the threat posed by a disease that you probably haven't heard of.... tularemia.

Finally, we will show you how to protect yourself. How can you shop your way to safety?

This weekend we have a report from the frontlines of the war on terror that you can't afford to miss.

Please join us for Bioterrorism: The Seven Deadly Threats this weekend on Fox News Channel.