Evil is Evil

The latest Newsweek cover says it all: "Why They Hate Us."

Let me give you my cover story: "Why I Don't Care."

I knew all this was coming. The inevitable hand wringing and soul-searching over the meaning of these dastardly attacks on us.

To me, it's like trying to psychoanalyze Charles Manson. There are a lot of issues there, but frankly, I'm not interested. The guy's a nut — period. Time to move on.

I'm sure actress Sharon Tate's family would love to know Charlie's sad-sack story. But it's not going to bring Sharon back.

And all our soul searching now isn't going to bring more than 6,000 souls back.

Let me tell you something. I'm the Wall Street guy here, so allow me a couple of routine business observations here.

Sometimes there are companies that just stink and stocks that just reek.

I don't have to try to understand what that lousy management is going through — just that it's lousy and it's not worth my time or money.

They can try to put the best spin in the world on why they're lousy, why they stink, why people hate them. But why should I bother?

They are. People do. I won't. Enough.

So when some callous S.O.B.s take over jets and ram them into buildings, killing scores of innocent victims do you think I want to kumbaya with these murderers and say, "what's bugging 'ya?"  No!

And that's what's bugging me. We're such a good people that we're trying to find the good, even in the very bad, twisted freaks who perpetrated this evil on us.  You can't kumbaya that. Or hold hands through that. Or say, "let's get to the bottom of that."

Sometimes, evil is evil. Sometimes, scum is scum.  Just like sometimes, a hopeless, clueless company is a hopeless, clueless company. The difference is, the clueless company will kill itself off.  The scum needs a little help.

Let us not shirk in volunteering to offer it.

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