Footnotes of an America United

There were these footnotes to the story as America strikes back.

A doctor who has treated Mullah Mohammad Omar, the leader of the Taliban, says Omar is mentally unstable and suffers from brain seizures.

The doctor, who was interviewed on condition of anonymity by Christina Lamb of London's "Sunday Telegraph," said that Mullah claims to have visions in which God gives him instructions on the creation of a pure Islamic state.

The doctor said Omar is subject to sharp mood swings, including deep depressions which alternate with -- quote -- "bouts of childlike behavior in which he sits in the driving seat of one of his cars turning the wheel while making the noise of an engine." End quote.

The key factor in getting Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and other nations to agree to support this country in the war on terrorism was the administration's assurance that it would finish the job.

 "The Miami Herald" quotes two top administration officials, who were not named, who said that while some of those Muslim countries publicly warned against the attack on another Islamic nation, Afghanistan, privately -- quote -- "they did not want to cooperate with us and then have bin Laden coming after them. Basically, they want bin Laden dead." End quote.

And the American Civil Liberties Union has demanded removal of a "God Bless America" sign in front of a school in Rockland, California, outside Sacramento.

 The ACLU says the words, posted on a marquee in front of an elementary school, send -- quote -- "a hateful, divisive message," end quote. They're a clear violation of the law and Constitution and -- quote -- "must be replaced immediately."

But the school district is refusing and the "Sacramento Bee" reports that 250 people, many dressed in red, white and blue, gathered at the school to support the sign over the weekend.