Parting Thoughts on America's Favorite Pastime

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Baseball, the American pastime, is wrapping up its most historic season in years.

Consider: two sure Hall of Fame players will retire this weekend. Last night Cal Ripken, Jr. played game 3,001 of his career, his last game, before an adoring throng in Baltimore. And Tony Gwynn, the most prolific batting champion in nearly a century, will take his final curtain call today in San Diego.

Gwynn and Ripken, unlike most players in any sport these days, spent their entire careers with one team. Who says loyalty is dead?

Meanwhile, Rickey Henderson, the all-time stolen base leader, now has scored more runs than anybody else, including Ty Cobb.

And, of course, there's more. Barry Bonds, he's broken Babe Ruth's record for bases on balls and slugging percentage and surpassed Mark McGwire's total for most homeruns in a season, despite the fact that opponents in recent weeks have tried to avoid pitching to him.

Finally, and perhaps most improbably, the Seattle Mariners could win more games than any major league baseball team in the regular season ever.

OK, sure, this stuff pales in importance to the drama unfolding in the war on terror, but it reminds us that it's still OK to have a little fun.

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