Below the Fold

Let's check out some stories we found below the fold.

The Columbia Journalism Review has produced guidelines for covering disasters. It urges reporters interviewing survivors to, quote, "Show empathy, not detachment." And it suggests ways to wring emotions from interviewees.

 Quote, "If the interviewee cries, this is not necessarily a bad or harmful thing. Carry paper tissues at all times and offer them as a caring gesture. One reason people feel self-conscious about crying is nasal discharge, and offering a paper tissue can help."

Three days after President Bush's address to Congress, Andy Rooney claimed on "60 Minutes" that the commander in chief was, quote, "not too smart." Why? Because the president had warned that the Taliban thinks, quote, "Their harbors are safe, but they won't be safe forever," end quote. Countered Rooney, "Afghanistan is landlocked. It doesn't have a harbor."

Well, since then, angry writers have instructed the CBS wordsmith on vernacular English. Peter Johnson of USA Today recites some of the mail: "If you didn't know the meaning of safe harbor, you probably thought the underground railroad had tracks." And, "if he really thought Bush meant seaports, Andy must think wildlife preserves are breakfast jams."

Rooney reportedly will apologize tonight for his earlier criticism of the president.