Terrorism: The Search for Safety

No one could have imagined the horror of the tragic events of September 11.

Now Americans are left wondering, what's next? Are we safe at home and will we ever be able to return to the life we once took for granted?

Our schools, our jobs, our homes... if attacked would you know what to do?

This weekend, join host Linda Vester as Fox News investigates the security measures that are underway across the nation to increase your safety.

Airport security has improved tremendously in the wake of the September attacks, but we still have a long way to go. Is it safe to take to the skies again? We'll show you how the airlines are changing and what you can do to help.

Immigration policies have come under review as well. Should we seal off our borders, or take a more measured approach to knowing who is coming here and why?

Plus, what changes are ordinary Americans making in their lives? We took our cameras out on the streets of New York City to find out.

Please join us for Terrorism: The Search for Safety this weekend on the Fox News Channel.