Passenger Gets Shotgun Through Airport X-Ray

A passenger was arrested when an airport security guard searched his bag and found a disassembled shotgun -- but only after it had gone through X-ray screening unnoticed.

Bradley Cooper, 20, told investigators the gun and duffel bag belonged to his roommate and he had forgotten the gun was inside.

Investigators said an X-ray machine operator didn't recognize the shapes of the shotgun and ammunition on Cooper's first trip through security Tuesday at Colorado Springs Airport.

Cooper left the terminal for a cigarette, taking the bag with him. When he returned, a hand-search turned up the gun.

Federal prosecutors did not immediately file charges.

"We are not sure there is a relevant crime for him," said Dick Weatherbee, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Denver. "It is a federal crime to take a weapon on an aircraft, but he never got on a plane."

Police said Cooper's roommate confirmed the shotgun was his. The roommate, who has four prior felony convictions, was arrested for investigation of possession of a firearm by a felon.