Kevin Spacey, Jay Mohr and Scrubs

Kevin Spacey, Jay Mohr and Scrubs in the new fall season we call The Foxlight.

You'd think a musician would steal the show at a musical tribute to John Lennon. But it was actor Kevin Spacey. As host of TNT's John Lennon Tribute Concert, he belted out the Lennon song, "Mind Games." The crowd gave him a standing ovation. For the record, or should we say the CD, Spacey's already featured on a companion soundtrack to the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Oh, and by the way, where were the other surviving Beatles on Tuesday night? And Julian Lennon?

Actor and comedian Jay Mohr isn't acting or being funny. He says if anyone tries to hijack his plane he's going to "kill him." He says he told that to a flight attendant the first time he flew after the attacks and the attendant told him "thank you so much."

Mohr doesn't talk about the news to get a laugh, so his stand-up act isn't being affected by the attacks. He says the crowds he's played to since Sept. 11 have been anxious to laugh.

Finally, best new of the postponed fall TV season? Scrubs is laugh out loud funny, frantic and even touching in a few places. If the rest of the season is as hilarious as Tuesday night's ambitious premiere, NBC has a hit that may help make up for Emeril. Kind of.