Third Watch, Madonna and Chubby Checker

Third Watch, Madonna and Chubby Checker in the disco ball glare of The Foxlight.

In the first three episodes of the season, Third Watch will face the World Trade Center attack head-on. NBC says the first episode — to air Oct. 15 — will be a "non-scripted tribute" to New York's emergency personnel, featuring real police and firefighters. The second episode is called "September Tenth." It shows events just before the attack. The episode that airs Oct. 22 looks at the aftermath.

If that sounds gutsy, listen to this: Are Madonna and Guy Ritchie among the bravest celebrities after the attack? They're filming his new movie Swept Away in Malta. Where's that? How 'bout just a Scud Missile away from Libya? The Maltese government is so skittish they've assigned extra military security to the pair.

Finally, talk about twisted logic, Chubby Checker says he deserved a Nobel Prize for creating what he calls "dancing apart to the beat." In addition to whatever the Nobel committee might have in mind, Checker says he should get a statue of himself in front of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Checker hasn't been inducted into the Hall and says if he doesn't get his statue, he'd refuse his induction. Sounds like the peppermint in his twist has gotten a little bitter.