A Terrorist by any Other Name

Why are some people not calling "terrorists" what they are... terrorists?

In case you haven't heard, a couple of news organizations, including one of those "other" news channels, are refusing to use the "T" word to describe the guys who hijacked those planes three weeks ago and changed life as we know it here.

They're now "suspected hijackers."

That would be like calling me "allegedly thin."


What's happening to my profession?  Are we that stupid?  Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you do call it lemonade!  Sometimes when guys terrorize, you do call them terrorists.

Let's be clear: When you seize a plane and start killing passengers, you're a terrorist. 

When you take that same plane and ram it into a tower at the World Trade Center, you're a terrorist. 

When you do the exact same thing on another plane and ram it into the other tower of the World Trade Center, you're a terrorist. 

When you take over another plane and crash it into the Pentagon, you're a terrorist.

When you take still another plane and try to go God knows where, unleashing God knows what agony on innocent passengers, you're a terrorist.

When you rip children of parents, you're a terrorist.

When you wipe from this life people who's only crime was trying to make something of this life, you're a terrorist.

The thousands who were disintegrated and obliterated three weeks ago are not "alleged victims." They're mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues... who are no more.

Suspected hijackers didn't do that. Terrorists did.


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