Saturday Night Live, George Costanza, Alias

Saturday Night is live again. George Costanza is back  sort of. And Alias premieres in harsh non-commercial glare of The Foxlight.

SNL producer Lorne Michaels asked Mayor Giuliani to toss out the first joke on opening night of the season.

After Rudy proclaimed, "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night," surrounded by the heroes of the fire and police departments, Michaels asked, "Can we be funny?" Giuliani deadpanned, "Why start now?"

Unfortunately, except for a few jokes in weekend update, that was fairly accurate.

Also, can we believe Jason Alexander when he says there's just a hint of George Costanza from Seinfeld in his new character from Bob Patterson? Alexander says he's "purposely born very much from the ashes of George" and says he "wanted to do a character that the audience would recognize and be comfortable with since George is still out there in a very big way."

So, he says, "It's George with a talent and George with a great deal of success and George as a celebrity." Sounds like Jason Alexander.

Another new show on ABC tried something new Sunday night. Alias was supposed to be presented without commerical interruptions by a mobile phone company. But then the whole show was filled with ringing Nokias. And when you don't have commercials, shouldn't the show be shorter? Not Alias. For some unexplained reason it was an hour and nine minutes. And the show? Not bad, but who's the main character working for — besides Nokia?