Parting Thoughts on Rediscovering God

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A growing band of commentators are declaring that the September 11 massacre has led Americans to rediscover God. That's probably true, and if so, it's a good thing. It means that after years of blurring the lines, we're looking for moral clarity and acknowledging that the ultimate authority in our lives resides not here in Washington but in heaven. 

The 20th century was the "God is dead" century. In exchange it gave us totalitarian regimes, global wars and a national sense of cynicism that left us literally demoralized.

Other guests and topics for September 30, 2001 included:
• White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card
• Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin
Fox News Sunday Roundtable
Fox News Sunday Roundtable
• Below the Fold
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When we threw out our founding values, we lost faith in ourselves and trust in each other. But September 11 awakened us again. Suddenly it became acceptable to acknowledge that good and bad matter, right and wrong matter, standards matter, faith matters.

You know, we knew these things all along, and now that we can confess them aloud, we feel better for having rediscovered God. Maybe now we're ready to reassert what's best in ourselves.

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