Parting Thoughts on Good Neighbors

This partial transcript of Fox News Sunday, September 23, 2001 was provided by the Federal Document Clearing House. Click here to order the complete transcript.

Earlier this week, the pilot of a Denver-Washington flight thanked passengers for flying and then offered some advice for dealing with hijackers.  "Throw things," he said, "anything that will throw him off balance and distract his attention.  Get a blanket over him then wrestle him to the floor.  Remember, there will be one of him and maybe a few confederates, but there are 200 of you. 

"Now, since we're a family for the next few hours, I'll ask you to turn to the person next to you, introduce yourself, tell them a little about yourself and ask them to do the same."  Passengers applauded and complied. 

Here's the moral of the story.  The fight against terrorism begins with little things that we've neglected in recent years: things like living free and being good neighbors instead of close strangers.  You can't splinter a country united by liberty and kinship.  And if our enemies don't understand that now, they will. 

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