The Face of Celebrity, Mariah Carey's Comeback and Insight From Conan O'Brien

The changing face of celebrity, Mariah Carey's comeback and post-attack insight from Conan O'Brien all in The Foxlight.

Pamela Anderson selling war bonds?  That's one suggestion from a gossip columnist who says the way we look at celebrities may be changed for a long time. Of course, there are no modern day war bonds, yet. Still, she could be the new Betty Grable or Rita Hayworth. 

It was a weekend of career highs and lows for Mariah Carey.  She looked rested and was in fine voice for the celebrity telethon Friday night.  But her movie debut failed to sing.  Glitter couldn't even crack the top ten.  And that's in a weekend at the movies when all you had to do was make over three million bucks to get into the top ten. Sorry, Mariah. But I repeat, you sounded great Friday night. 

Conan O'Brien is glad to be back at work.  He admits most of the current events are off limits when it comes to his monologue.  But he hates taking vacations because he says he's insecure about his job — even though he's approaching nine years at the late night helm.  And he says he has to entertain anything when he takes time off: "When I go on vacation, at 5:30, the time the show tapes, I wander out into a field and dance in front of a squirrel."

And that's the always squirrely world of celebrity chit for chat trying to get back to normal in the always askew glow of The Foxlight.