Footnotes of an America United

There were these footnotes to the story of America united. 

Federal Express has withdrawn its sponsorship of the ABC network's Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher over remarks made on the Monday night's broadcast during a discussion of the terrorist attack on the U.S.  A guest on the program argued that the terrorists who crashed the planes were not cowards because they lost their lives.  Maher replied "We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away.  That's cowardly."  FedEx says it acted after complaints from viewers. 

And speaking of ABC, its news division has one of the few reporters who has actually talked to Usama bin Laden in recent years.  Reporter John Miller spoke to him for a 1998 special broadcast on PBS.  Bin Laden said "We believe that the worst thieves in the world today and the worst terrorists are the Americans." 

And according to a transcript of that interview, Miller then said this to bin Laden at the end of the interview "In America, we have a figure from history from 1897 named Teddy Roosevelt.  He was a wealthy man who grew up in a privileged situation and who fought on the front lines.  He put together his own men, hand chose them and went to battle.  You are like the Middle East version of Teddy Roosevelt."

The Yale Daily News reports that former Clinton Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott told a university panel over the weekend that terrorism springs from what he called "a vast and growing divide in this world between the haves and have-nots, the rich and the poor, the comfortable and the wretched.  It's from the desperate, angry and bereaved that those suicide pilots came."

And Channel 12 in New York has barred any display of American flags or red, white and blue ribbons, for that matter, that could be seen on the air.  The cable channel's news director told the staff, "Our office is a newsroom.  And news people are committed to supplying objective information on events here and around the world.  We have to avoid giving a false impression that we lean one way or another."

And, finally, we reported last time that Norway had decided not to participate in NATO's support of the U.S. response to last week's attacks.  While there was a BBC report to that effect for a time, Norway has offered what it calls all possible support in accordance with its NATO obligations -- our mistake.