Company Mistaken for Flag-Banning Firm

One of the lesser aftershocks of the terrorist attacks against the U.S. which have been rippling throughout the country hit a company called MCCI Monday, when its name became confused with that of a different business that had banned employees from displaying American flags.

The Fox News Channel, on thier program Fox & Friends,  reported Monday that several companies in the southeastern U.S.  were banning employees from displaying American flags at their work stations. Among other businesses, the report mentioned NCCI Holdings, Inc., a workers compensation database company based in Boca Raton, Fla., that had confiscated the flags their employees had displayed in their cubicles.

The report outraged viewers, many of whom unfortunately and mistakenly directed their wrath at MCCI, Moore Computer Consultants, Inc., in Ithaca, New York.--who were not mentioned at all in the Fox report.  

"MCCI has never had a policy of barring employees from displaying the American flag at their work stations," said MCCI President Terry Moore. "MCCI displays the flag at its business location and its employees are welcome to display flags at their individual work stations," he said.

Fox reported Tuesday that as a result of Monday's story, all companies who were mentioned in the report, including NCCI,  had reversed or relaxed their ban on workplace flags.