Below the Fold

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Now let's check out some unheralded political stories we found this week "below the fold."

Watch your mouth

A group called Words Can Heal is trying to stamp out gossip and hurtful talk.  And to that end, they've assembled a list of celebrity supporters.  But now comes word that publisher and real estate baron Mort Zuckerman, upon hearing that he was cited as backing the pledge "to eliminate gossip from my life," has asked that his name be removed from the sponsors list. 

Other guests and topics for September 9, 2001 included:
• Sens. Kent Conrad and Mitch McConnell
• The Fox News Sunday Roundtable
• Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
• Parting Thoughts
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Who's not smart?

"Doonesbury" creator Garry Trudeau has issued an apology for last Sunday's comic strip.  The funny retailed an Internet rumor that Lovenstein Institute in Scranton, Pennsylvania, employing the Swanson/Craig system of intelligence ranking, rated George W. Bush the dumbest president in a half century. 

Only one problem:  The Lovenstein Institute doesn't exist. Neither does the Swanson/Craig system.  Trudeau, who, like Bush, is a graduate of Yale, got in similar suites several years ago when his strip retailed rumors that Dan Quayle had purchased drugs from a convicted dealer named Brett Kimberlin.

It doesn't ad up

The ACLU ran this ad earlier in the year blasting the criminal justice system for throwing young people into prison and jail.  Well, now Jai Taylor, the young man pictured in the ad, is suing.  It turns out that he's never done jail time, and the picture you see was taken in conjunction with a high school theater class.  Taylor says the ACLU violated his privacy  rights and smeared his good name.  The ACLU says the claim is without  merit. 

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