Looking Back

On the way home last night, I caught a conversation on the radio mid-stream.  They were apparently talking about HBO's upcoming series, Band of Brothers.

What stuck in my mind is what one of the guys said, "Boy, we can't let this World War II thing go, can we?"

And it got me thinking: What a stupid thing to say.

Look, I'm not here to tout HBO or executive producer Tom Hanks' efforts to recapture the story of the men of Easy Company — the guys who had the not-so-easy task of parachuting into France on D-Day or fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.

I am here to say let's all stop thinking about the here and now, and start thinking about the there and then.

Let's stop thinking about just our stocks getting hit.  Let's start thinking about when our very way of life was getting hit.

Let's stop thinking about just our jobs being in danger.  Let's start thinking about our very lives being in danger.

Let's stop focusing on the almighty dollar and start thinking about, maybe just the Almighty, period.

That's why I think it's a good thing to harken back to a time when we worried about things a little more weighty than price-earnings, and focused instead on life-and-death.  When we judged the caliber of a person not by what he had in the bank, but what he had in his heart.  A time when a country was judged not by the possessions it wanted to keep, but the principles it wanted to hold dear.
As I've said, I'm not a veteran.  Other braver, far greater, far more distinguished folks did that heavy lifting ahead of me.

But I am an American first and a journalist a distant second.  And the American in me has only two words for specials like these and reminders like these and heroes like these:  "thank you."

We could do worse than looking back at a time when everything was on the line and none of it had to do with the bottom line.

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