Below the Fold

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Now let's check out some unheralded, political stories we found this week below the fold.

The name game

The school board of Montgomery County, Maryland, responding to pressure from the state's Commission on Indian Affairs, has ordered high schools to drop team names deemed offensive to Native Americans, including the term "Indian," which the Commission on Indian Affairs deems unacceptable.

Other guests and topics for September 2, 2001 included:
• Virtues guru Bill Bennett
• The debate over the post-partum depression defense
• The budget battle with Reps. Jim Nussle and Charlie Stenholm
Fox News Sunday roundtable
• Parting Thought
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Animal rights activists already have warned some Maryland schools that animal-based team names and mascots are the next targets.

Take 'em to the woodshed

Dr. Diana Baumrind of the University of California's Institute of Human Development has presented a paper arguing that research does not support a ban on spanking. In fact, data indicate that preschool children who have received an occasional swat tend to behave better than those who have not.

Baumrind also recites a scholars' eight-point guide to effective spanking. Rules, we should point out, apply to parents and children, not politicians and interns.

Music to his ears

And in a case sure to stimulate scholarly debate about the limits of cruel and unusual punishment, 19-year-old Alan Law has been forced to serve an unprecedented sentence for the crime of driving through Cambridge, Ohio, with windows down and stereo blaring. A judge ordered the teen to sit in a police interrogation room for four hours listening to the greatest hits of Frankie Yankovich, Polka king.

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