Here We Go Again

Don't look now, but the French are at it again.

And not just the French, it's all of Europe. They're just heading this pathetic pack.

The French are ring-leading this European investigation into Microsoft and whether its new Windows software bullies competitors all over again.

Now, I'm not here to debate the merits of the case. But I do question the timing of it — coming only a couple of months after these knuckleheads effectively squelched GE and Honeywell from getting together. Not because it hurt consumers. But because it hurt them and their pathetic state-run excuses for businesses.

Then to add insult to injury, they offer this namby-pamby, girly-man rate cut of only one-quarter percent. That's all we got out of the European Central Bank. But here's the kicker, they gave no hope of future rate cuts. Jeez, these guys make Greenspan look like Kreskin.

How clueless can you be?

You don't have inflation. But you do have hurting economies. And you have tumbling interest rates here, providing more than enough cover for you to do something...anything bold.

But alas, you can't. Because you don't have the guts.

You don't have the guts to compete with U.S. companies. So you try to stop U.S. companies.

And you don't have the guts to boldly cut rates, because you're arrogant enough, stupid enough, blithely ignorant enough to think you don't have to.

What Chablis are you swilling down?

You sicken me.

And here's the killer. You apparently don't care that in the process, you're sickening the very people counting on you to help Europeans. You remember, the guys who elected you?

Wow. The French are screwing the French. Incredible, but not surprising.

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