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MORT KONDRACKE, HOST: Here's the "Buzz," Fred. David Bonior is leaving to run for Michigan governor, No. 2 Democrat in the House. There's a furious fight to replace him between Stenny Hoyer of Maryland, Nancy Pelosi of California. Look for it to get very nasty.

Other guests and topics for August 25, 2001 included:
• Pollster Frank Luntz
• The Ups and Downs of Politics
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FRED BARNES, HOST: Good. I'm going to let you cover that one, Mort.

You know what everybody is talking about in Washington now with Bush away and Congress in recess? Powerball, that lottery game that they shouldn't be talking about. Even you have bought a ticket...

KONDRACKE: I have, yes, I have.


BARNES: ... you ought to be ashamed of yourself. But really, the thing that's wrong...

KONDRACKE: I want to win.

BARNES: ... with these lotteries, they ought to be repealed, all they do is suck money out of poor people's pockets, people who can't to afford it. You can afford it, they can't. Let's get rid of these lotteries.

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