Talking Points: Some Interesting Info About Condit

Some information you might not know about Gary Condit is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

The Modesto Bee killed a story that said Condit would not resign from Congress because his $145,000 salary is his only source of income.  Quite simply, he needs the money.  After serving 12 years in the House, his annual pension will be $31,500.  He has no investment portfolio.  And he reportedly owes money to the Wells Fargo Bank because he borrowed against his home in California.

Condit also owns a D.C. condo.  He is also reportedly paying his enormous bills from campaign money.  He has about $250,000 on hand and is asking for more donations.  His attorney, Abbe Lowell, usually charges around $400 an hour.  And his PR people are expensive as well.

According to Fox News correspondent Rita Cosby, those PR people are urging Condit to do a major apology, but he is resisting direct language.  Condit is expected to mail out letters to his constituents before his sit down with Connie Chung tomorrow night, but that letter is the subject of much internal debate, which tells "Talking Points" that Condit is just trying to save his own butt and doesn't really care about being sincere.

You see, sincerity is not that hard.  You simply speak from the heart.  The problem is you need a heart.  Gary Condit has advisers.

In your life, if you owe somebody an apology, do you hire a person to write it for you?  Of course not.  This Condit guy isn't fooling any thinking person with his strategy.  And I fully expect Americans to dislike him even more after the Chung interview.

The bottom line on Condit is that he needs money.  He really isn't sorry.  And he's a poor example of a man.  One footnote, I didn't even need an adviser to figure that out.  And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."  Linda Tripp wants you to give her money.  Today in the mail, I got a form letter from Linda saying she's broke and she needs some cash from me.  Thousands of these letters went out, and whether they are ridiculous or not depends on how you perceive Ms. Tripp.  But I would have called Jerry Lewis, a proven fund-raiser, and canned the letter.

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