The Simpsons is getting ready to really push the envelope this season - with Homer getting hooked on marijuana.

The smash Fox sitcom will also take potshots in parodies of the Harry Potter books and the movies Erin Brockovich and 2001: A Space Odyssey

Executive Producer Al Jean told the Cinescape Web site that The Simpsons, coming up on its 13th season, will definitely allow Homer and Bart to let their hair down. 

"In one episode, Jane Kaczmarek of Malcolm in the Middle plays a judge who punishes Bart by shackling him to Homer," Jean said. 

"In another, Homer gets his jaw wired shut and it makes him into a really decent, wonderful human being. 

Then "there's a show where Homer gets addicted to medicinal marijuana, and one where Bart creates an Internet cartoon based on Homer, who becomes a laughingstock all over the world. 

"And we have a show where Marge finds out that the sugar producers are trying to illegally pump sugar into all the Springfield food, and it's like Erin Brockovich." 

Jean said Halloween will feature a special episode in which the Simpsons get a computer to run all of their home appliances. 

"The computer develops a crush on Marge and wants to kill Homer. In the same episode, there's a Harry Potter satire timed to the movie," he said. 

Jean also said the new season will continue the show's tradition of using celebrity guests. 

Visiting stars will include Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan, Dennis Weaver and Jon Lovitz.

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