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FRED BARNES, HOST:  Mort, what is the "Buzz"?

MORT KONDRACKE, HOST:  A Roll Call special.  You know which member of Congress has the biggest leadership political action committee, a.k.a. political slush fund?

Other guests and topics for August 11, 2001 included:
• Maryland Republican Rep. Robert Ehrlich
• The Ups and Downs of Politics
• The Tip Sheet
• The Hot Story
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BARNES:  Sure, that's easy.  Hillary Clinton.

KONDRACKE:  No.  No. 1 is Trent Lott at $1.12 million.  No. 2, John McCain, the political reformer, $1.1 million.

BARNES:  You know who lost money this year by being a White House aide?


BARNES:  Karl Rove.  He's paid $140,000 a year, but by the White House counsel's office dawdling and not allowing him to sell that stock until June, he lost $138,000 on the stock, according to Bloomberg News.  Tough year for Karl, at least financially.

KONDRACKE:  He'll make it up.

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