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Pay now and pay later

Forget about rolling blackouts in California.  Residents of the Golden State may now have to pay extra because they have too much power. Spooked by the possibility of shortages, the administration of California, Governor Gray Davis, signed contracts committing the state to buying more electricity than it needs at higher prices than the market now charges.

The bad news: the state lost $46 million last month after selling surplus power at one-fifth of the purchase price, and this year's total loss could exceed $.5 billion.

The worst news: the contracts have no escape clause and run through the year 2004.

Other guests and topics for August 11, 2001 included:
• White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card
• The God Squad reacts to the stem cell decision
Fox News Sunday Roundtable
• Parting Thoughts
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The bottom line

Senator Jesse Helms has reached common ground with China. Both oppose the Bush administration's decision to pay more than $34,000 for costs incurred when China held a U.S. Naval air crew on Hainan Island for 11 days. China has rejected the offer because it wants one million bucks. Helms is unhappy because he didn't want the administration to pay a thing.

Road warrior

Senator Zell Miller, known for doing things his way, once again has taken the road less traveled. This week, he released a song expressing his opposition to higher gas efficiency standards for trucks.

Here's just a bit of the ditty, which Miller wrote, country western singer Jack Clements recorded, and we set to video.


JACK CLEMENTS, MUSICIAN (singing): Now a pickup truck is a working machine that doesn't guzzle gasoline, like rich folks' cars and SUVs. I hope they know the difference in Washington, D.C.


When asked to respond to Capitol Hill music critics, Miller quipped, "Better to write a country song than to do some of the other extra-curricular activities here."

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