Ex-Lover Plans Hospital Visit with Mariah

Mariah Carey — still in the hospital and on medication after suffering a nervous breakdown will receive a dramatic bedside visit from her estranged lover, Luis Miguel, it was revealed last night.

"He has been calling her frequently, as often as he can, and as soon as he can, he will visit her," Carey's spokesman Cindy Berger told Mexico's Reforma newspaper. 

"He knows that it is serious, but not grave, and that it is necessary for her to get her rest." 

The disintegration of their relationship — Carey is said to have dumped Miguel — is believed to be one of the main reasons she cracked and went into a plate-throwing frenzy at the TriBeCa Grand hotel on July 25. 

"A lot of people don't understand that she's a human being, and she gets sick like everyone else," Berger said. 

"Mariah was completely worn out — physically and emotionally, and she is under doctor's care, receiving medication and must get complete rest for at least the next three weeks." 

Mariah's mom, Patricia, and her brother, Morgan, have been keeping a bedside vigil in her room at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Conn. 

They arrived at the hospital yesterday at 1 p.m. remained for two hours before returning to the family estate in Goldens Bridge, Westchester. 

Morgan Carey told the Sunday Mirror in London his sister's collapse was due to overwork and her breakup with Miguel. 

"It seemed like everything was caving in on her, with two movies back to back, lack of food and sleep, and the breakup with Luis, which troubled her deeply," he said.

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