Talking Points: A Heartbreaking Situation

Well, it is desperation time for the Levy family.  The heavy odds are  that Chandra is dead.  And the D.C. police are scaling back their  investigation right now, a subject of this evening's "Talking Points" memo.

It's a heartbreaking situation, of course.  And in order to keep the  case in the public eye, Chandra's parents held a press conference in which  their private pain was made public.  Here are some excerpts.


SUSAN LEVY, CHANDRA LEVY'S MOTHER:  I really don't care about the  polygraph.  I just want the truth to come out and I want my daughter home.   And someone, as I said, right from the beginning knows where my daughter  is.  There are truths out there that hasn't been answered and I'd like  those people to come forward. 

My daughter is a very private person.  And she's, I would say, a  bright lady.  And she's not a slut as some people have quoted the news  media.  And I think she's -- was very much in love with this particular  person. 

I honestly said, "Chandra," when she left to Washington, I said,  "don't you become a Monica Lewinsky."  And look at what happened.  It's  beyond... 


S. LEVY:  I mean, I warned her.  I said, "You know, we want you to  think about your safety at all times and be selective."  But you know, you  can give a child and teach them what you think is correct, right or wrong,  and still they make their choices. 

R. LEVY:  Or they're confronted by evil.  You know, they're just  confronted by evil and whatever you teach them won't help if evil gets  them.


O'REILLY:  I don't know about you, but that was hard for me to watch.   Imagine your life being dramatically changed by an unresolved situation  that most likely is a homicide.  Every feeling American can sympathize with  the Levys and feel bitterness toward Congressman Condit for not helping  them out.

At this point, the tide has changed as far as Condit is concerned.   The authorities say they are not even pushing him to take a lie detector  test anymore.  That sounds very strange to me as the guy has acted  suspiciously from the very beginning of this mysterious case.  But hey, I  don't have access to the information the police have.

I also do know that the American public is kind of getting fed up with  cases like this one and O.J. Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey and Robert Blake.   We know that law enforcement is very difficult these days, but  nonresolution to high-profile cases erodes confidence in the system and  encourages evildoers.  A nonresolution in the Levy case will not go down  easily, but that is what we may be facing.  And that's the memo.

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